Client Acquisition: The Key To Our Success

Client Acquisition: The Key To Our Success

Client Acquisition: The Key To Our Success

Generating Leads

Generating leads and creating efficient marketing campaigns can turn into a time consuming and challenging project. Throughout the years we have studied various strategies and routes to determine the most effective source of marketing for companies. Next we analyzed this data to develop a platform that delivers targeted, filtered leads to companies based on their goals and growth. Rather than driving clicks to a site we decided to do a round about approach that works with your business based on your goals. By creating a few key components we are able reach our results and establish your campaign.

Our Approach

Establishing a marketing campaign involves analyzing the goals of your company and what sort of customers you are searching for, otherwise known as a filter set. A filter set includes a precise list of filters that establish quality and validity of each lead. The filter set allows us to sift through the leads and determine which are most valuable based on your businesses specific goals. By targeting those who fit into your businesses campaign goals were able to provide the best results and highest conversion ratios.

How To Target and Filter Leads

  • Identify the core components of what is considered a lead
  • Create and define a realistic objective for the campaign
  • Based on the needs of your company, understand and segment the prospect profile
  • Determine purchase cycles of every prospect and identify what and how to maneuver them through the next phases
  • Establish and maximize branding through messages to engage action
  • Create corresponding messages that relate to the overall goal of your company
  • Refine and measure results and implement into manageable campaigns.

End Results

By implementing and targeting effective filter sets we are able to convey the most valuable leads to your business. As soon as a lead meets the specified and targeted sets they are sent directly to your company. Companies such as Lending Tree and Costco Finance have proven this strategy to be the most effect amongst businesses. For further examples visit here.

This is the approach our company takes to create email campaigns. If you would like to share in our success, contact us today.

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