Why Iconic Results?

We’re about complementing your business, not taking it over. When you succeed, we succeed!

Our Process

We understand the importance of marketing, but more importantly, we know that converting marketing dollars into sales is the key to success. Why Iconic Results? Here’s what we bring to the table:

Why Iconic Results

1. Learning

The first step for us to be able to help you increase your ROI is learning as much as we can about your business.

Planning Campaigns

2. Planning

Once we understand your business, our team gets together to put a plan in place to help increase your ROI.

Planning Campaigns

3. Meeting

Communication is the key to any successful marketing campaign. That’s why Iconic Results puts the best creative minds together to make sure implementation goes smoothly.

Collaboration in Marketing

4. Executing

Ideas are meaningless without implementation. That’s why Iconic Results trains our project managers in the art of action instead of dreaming.

Executing Marketing Campaigns

5. Measuring

Tracking analytics and success is another critical role that most companies fail to emphasize. We offer many tools to help measure your results.


Measuring Campaigns

6. Progressing

Unlike most companies you work with that are happy as long as you keep paying them, we like to continue to improve results until there’s nothing left to improve. Let’s face it – there’s always more you can do! Iconic Results works to become more than just another marketing company – you should see us as a partner.


The People
Behind Iconic Results

Our team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds that gives insight beyond the technology related to internet marketing.

We came together when we saw the opportunity to provide a service that few other marketing companies could offer. Increased business with little overhead and helping to grow another business at a predictable ROI without huge upfront development fees is why Iconic Results stands out. We feel it allows all companies, big or small, to compete for new business and levels up the playing field.

Our goal has always been simple: to “Stand behind what we deliver and provide transparency to our customers.”

Our Platform

We would say our success in the marketing industry is down to two main factors:



We know which channels work for different types of customers in any industry, which allows us to quickly find the right type of customer for your business. We can cater for a broad range of filter sets either on a state by state basis or nationwide. We have researched and experimented with the best way to deliver.



We use validation, automated verification, and human verification to ensure our leads are of the very highest quality.

What About Iconic Results

We like to think of ourselves as a partner of the businesses we serve — a valued marketing partner truly invested in the success of the companies we help grow. This may explain why we have over 83% customer retention rate!

We know internet marketing is good, but it only becomes great when coupled with an effective strategy tied closely to the particular industry operated by its various clients at an affordable price.  We achieve this strategy by using three distinct categories: search engine saturation, business directory saturation, and social saturation.

In addition to the background of our leaders and proprietary technology that is above the rest, we achieve the desired results by taking the guesswork out of campaigns.  Simply put, our solution provides targeted, filtered and qualified leads.


Using our state of the art technology, we first target consumers that match your filter sets. Then we verify that each lead is currently in the market for your offerings…

We set out to deliver the highest quality marketing services available in the marketplace today. After all high quality marketing services are much more likely to turn into actual customers for your business, which increases our repeat business. So we looked at all the factors that affect lead quality and came up with solutions, we think you will love the results. Lead quality can never be 100% perfect, but that doesn’t stop us trying to get there!

We decided that we wouldn’t rely on third parties for our technology, which effected quality in the past. So we outlined all the technology required for us to provide our partners with ‘truly world class service’ and set to work.


Every business has a primary target market, and these are the characteristics of the best customers for your business. Characteristics can include location, gender, interest, socio-demographic groups and more. We then look at these filters and use our technology to find the right source of consumers that would potentially make up the best leads for your business.



We set these filters up on any online assets we are using. We make sure the data matches the required fields, phone numbers must be a certain amount of characters and email must contain an @ sign. Providing notifications as a user is completing a form, prompting them to enter the information correctly. This has helped us drastically reduce both human error and bogus data submission.


Our own lead quality detective software checks our leads against databases of bogus leads and eliminates low-quality leads. Verification then takes lead quality a step further. It’s more than just checking the inbound data. It’s about our trained reps assuring that phone numbers actually exist and making sure the lead is currently looking for your product or service.

Our 3 Rules

Rule #1

If we don’t become as excited about your business as you are, we won’t take you on as a client

Rule #2

If we feel like we can’t meet your needs, we won’t take you on as a client.

Rule #3

If we feel like you’re not a long-term partner, we won’t take you on as a client.

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    We’re about complementing your business, not taking it over.  A partner only succeeds if everyone wins!

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