Nurturing Leads Via Email: Iconic Results

Nurturing Leads Via Email: Iconic Results

Our Strategy to Nurture Leads

Sending out emails can help by cultivating strong leads and sifting out the clients that are not actually interested. The key factor in nurturing is the sequence of the emails. This includes a series of steps and interactions guided by the emails to help persuade prospects into potential clients.

Overall results increase based on how specific the targeted information is that you are using. Lead scoring based on previous contact data will help to sustain interaction with clients.

Selling directly is not the goal of nurturing, although it is beneficial to take into consideration a specific offer for the campaign. Nurturing is about guiding the prospect to be educated and have an understanding of all their options. With all available knowledge they are able to make an informed decision with your company.

Common Practices for Nurturing Emails

To create a nurturing program it involves more than just writing out a series of emails to send out. It involves creating a non-invasive approach that not only offers a solution for the prospect, but also allows a relationship to develop between the client and us.

  • Personalized emails that are relevant
  • Inform by providing knowledge and help to the prospect
  • Create an opportunity to connect via online, phone, etc.
  • Re-engaging to help a lost prospect
  • Provide the next step, which can trigger another sequence
  • Keep a realistic objective to define the campaign
  • Segment based on the prospect’s needs by understanding their profile
  • Each prospect has a buying cycle, by understanding it we are able to determine what it takes to move through the next phases with them
  • Keep content engaging to leave them anticipating another response by minimizing branding
  • Create manageable campaigns that ensure results and are able to expand

These are the basic steps we use to nurture our leads if you would like to find out more contact us today.


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