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78% of ALL sales go to the FIRST company that SPEAKS to the prospect - with ICONIC that's always YOU!

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We look at your target market, geographics, demographics, age range, and more. Using this filtered data, we create a targeted campaign that delivers qualified leads that want to talk to you and not just clicks, visitors or calls. Anyone can give you clicks, visitors and calls – those things help us, not you. Our solution is centralized around you and your business – not our ability to show off.

Annuity Leads - Live Transfer

If you are in the investment advisor business and are looking for warm call transfers, also known as live transfers, we offer the best solution for your industry. Why chase down potential clients that may or may not be in the market for your services when we can pre-qualify them and connect them directly to you?

Auto Leads

Auto Warranty Live Transfers are a great way to increase business since we deliver highly qualified vehicle owners. Our call centers confirm all criteria for the auto warranty prospect and live transfer them to your sales agents for auto warranty companies. No chasing and no qualifying! The Auto Warranty Live Transfer allows your sales team to focus on sales.

Credit Repair

Our Credit Repair Live Transfers are targeted to help credit repair companies find viable prospects. If you are looking for exclusive live transfer credit repair leads, our credit repair leads are the answer. Our leads cannot be purchased from third parties and resold to you – they are live transfers. We originate the lead for you, verify it, and introduce it to your sales team.

Custom Campaigns

Custom Campaigns: Our custom campaigns offer you the flexibility to pick the criteria of your transfers. We can run different filter sets at various times for as many live transfers as you need. It’s up to you!

Debt Live Transfers

Debt Live Transfers: Let us know your target market, and we will get them live transferred to your team. No hunting for prospects – we pre-qualify them to make sure they are interested in your information.

Education Leads

If you’re a finance or education establishment and looking for new students to increase your enrollment, our warm call transfers (also known as live transfers) offer the best solution for your industry.

Final Expense Leads

Our agents can give you direct access to Final Expense leads that are looking to cover end-of-life expenses. We pair you with high-converting leads that are actively seeking these policies.

Home Services Live Transfers

Homeowners can be a hard sell – they are already swamped with bills, offers, and home repair needs. Our home service live transfers facilitate a number of different types of transfers that will attract interested leads. We connect you directly with home service live transfers that are ready to talk and eager to get started.

Insurance Live Transfers Leads

Our Insurance Live Transfers offer many different services such as home, auto, life, health and business insurance. Our exclusive Insurance Live Transfers help reduce costs and give auto insurance agencies more opportunities to write new automobile insurance policies for their marketing dollars. We do the lead nurturing – all they have to do is close them.

Merchant Cash Advance Leads

It can be difficult to get business owners on the phone, but our Merchant Cash Advance Live Transfers have the decision maker (typically the business owner) on the phone and interested in hearing about the options you have for them. Imagine being able to help hundreds of business owners grow their business by offering your services.


Mortgage Live Transfers Leads

If your business is looking for new mortgage and mortgage refinance clients, our warm call transfers (also known as live transfers) offer the best solution for your industry.  We tap into the vast market of leads looking to enter into homeownership or refinance an existing mortgage, pre-qualify the leads interested in your services, and connect them with your agents.

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