Merchant Cash Advance Leads

With Merchant Cash Advances businesses have the ability to get a great alternative to a business loan that is fast and reliable.

Merchant Cash Advance Leads

Starting and running a business is stressful, especially when it comes to maintaining cash flow. Countless companies could benefit from a loan alternative, and we help those businesses get in touch with people like you. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners are too busy to respond to phone calls – your sales reps could spend much of their day just trying to get in touch with a decision maker. We want to help your sales team focus on converting pre-qualified live transfers instead of chasing cold trails day in and day out. 

Your conversion rates don’t have to suffer because of gatekeepers and an inability to reach merchants. Our team pre-qualifies Merchant Cash Advance Leads to make sure these businesses are ready to move forward before you even speak to them. 

Let us help you focus more on Merchant Cash Advance buyers and build relationships with pre-qualified leads.


We deliver pre-qualified prospects directly to your phone, ready to talk. Your sales team spends 0% of their time chasing leads and sifting through lousy quality, uninterested businesses. By the time they reach you, the business owner or decision maker is ready to talk and close to conversion.

We use certain parameters to pre-qualify leads. Need custom filtering? We can do that, too – it’s entirely up to you and what your business requires. We can filter Merchant Cash Advance Leads based on a variety of qualifications, including credit scores, minimum monthly income, and how long a company has been operating.

We believe in quality AND quantity. Our leads are exclusive and better quality than what you’ll find anywhere else. Our agents use your specific filters to ensure only the best ever reach your sales team – if we’ve sent them, they are ready to talk and closer to converting.

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