Ringless Voicemails

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Things you should know about Ringless Voicemails!

  1. Voicemails have a 97% open rate.
  2. A phone never rings, and the network never carries an active call.
  3. A phone call is never made into the targeted subscriber’s phone.
  4. Cell phones are now being used by 91% of adults.
  5. 41% of people do not own home phones.
ringless voicemail services

Ringless Voicemails

What is Ringless VoiceMail?

Ringless Voicemail allows you to directly deliver a voicemail message to a cell phone server without ringing the phone and without charging the consumer.

Why use Ringless Voicemail?

Research indicates call center agents are much more productive using ringless voicemail because they are not just calling and leaving messages all day. You can target prime times to launch the voicemails to generate callback rates.

Who uses Ringless Voicemails?

The most frequent users of Ringless Voicemail are Debt Collectors, Financial Institutions and Student Loan Servicers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ringless Voicemail can be an effective part of your campaign, but is it right for your company? Consider these frequently asked questions when making your decision.

We’re available to discuss more in-depth questions that you might have to help build your plan.

How can Ringless Voicemails help my business?

Ringless Voicemails bypass the tedium of having to sift through contacts that might not answer. It increases your agent’s ability to call a bulk of contacts in a shorter amount of time.

How effective are Ringless Voicemails?

Many agents struggle with getting around gatekeepers and people who are cautious about answering (especially in debt collection). Ringless Voicemails leaves a message with no ring, giving your sales reps the chance to read their script and move on to the next call.

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