Final Expense Leads

Let us help your company reach prospects interested in final expense plans that cover their burial expenses, so they avoid leaving their loved ones with a financial burden and stress.

We provide your company with pre-filtered Final Expense Leads that are eagerly awaiting a quote!

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Final Expense Leads

Getting older can be a scary experience, especially without key financial decisions in order. The right insurance agent can give worried Final Expense Leads peace of mind and help navigate a difficult time that we’ll all experience.

Instead of sifting through the millions of people who could be interested in your insurance services, let our agents take care of the discovery stage for you. We reach out to seniors and families who need to plan their final expenses and pre-qualify them for your business. Our final expense leads all fit into certain criteria that make sense for your business, including age and location. This gives you the assurance of qualified, interested leads that actively need your help with their biggest decisions.

Skip the Prospecting, Make the Sale

We can customize our script to meet your needs and provide all the information you need during our live transfer to your sales team, all they have to do is close them.

Reach Final Expense Leads That Need You Now

We only live transfer leads that are ready to speak now. This gives you unmatched footing and easier sales.

100% Original Leads

We never resell our leads – that means you get 100% unique leads live transferred to you without worry.

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