Debt Live Transfers

Iconic Results offers the best Debt Live Transfers in the industry
We provide pre-qualified debt leads to the debt consolidation and debt settlement industries.

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Debt Live Transfers

Debt Settlement and Debt Consolidation are two important industries in today’s economy. Unsecured debts can be especially detrimental to a person’s credit score, financial stability, and peace of mind – your services could be the difference someone needs in their life. We take that into account when pre-qualifying debt leads. Our team produces debt live transfers only when they match up with key filters, such as the amount of debt and debt age. With industry-leading lead filtering, we’re able to save your sales team time and money per debt lead.

Our Debt Live Transfers cater to businesses that can’t afford to waste money sifting through unqualified leads. Chasing down consumers seeking debt relief is a tedious process – a lot of leads just aren’t interested or don’t understand the value. Iconic Results produces a 100% contact rate by handing you leads that our agents have already qualified. Each lead has expressed interest in your services and wants to hear from you, increasing conversion rates and decreasing ROI spend per lead. 




Our Leads fit Like a Glove

Our debt live transfers are pre-qualified and willing to talk.  We provide you with pre-filtered information, such as customer name, phone, credit score, programs they are interested in, and any other details needed to make your campaign a success.

Save Money on Each Lead
Prospecting is expensive. Our debt live transfers reduce the rate of your interactions per lead by connecting you with pre-qualified targets.
Custom Campaigns Available
We offer Custom Campaigns that help you gain more control over your debt live transfers. Work with us to find custom filters and pull the types of leads you need now.

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