Custom Campaigns

We offer custom campaigns that allow you to choose the criteria for the transfers you are receiving

Use our Custom Campaigns for better control and more specified transfers.

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Custom Campaigns

There will be times when you want very specific filters and to make your campaign work for you. We understand – our Custom Campaigns offer more control and more choice. With the flexibility of our custom campaigns, you are guaranteed live leads that meet your desired criteria and outcome.

The filters you choose can even be down to the time and day that you envision for your custom campaigns. We run your campaign at times that work for you and until your quantity is met for a specific timeframe. Throughout the entire process, we work with you and communicate to ensure you are getting what you need for your specific campaign.









Custom Campaigns Give You Complete Control

Decide what criteria you need in a transfer to create a successful campaign and we will work with you to make it happen. Our Custom Campaigns cover a number of situations that help your business find the perfect leads for your goals.

Help From Start to Finish

We work directly with you to determine the best campaign that will produce the best results. We want every interaction to feel like a partnership – we only succeed when you do.

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