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Credit Repair Transfers

Bad credit can be a disaster to handle and, in many cases, can keep people from living productive lives. Everything from homeownership to small loans depends on maintaining and showing stable credit. Credit repair companies that are seeking credit repair leads should have no trouble finding candidates, but it’s not always so simple.

Iconic Results can help if you are looking for exclusive live transfer credit repair leads. Our credit repair leads cannot be purchased from third parties and resold to you – they are authentic live transfers. We originate every lead, verify them, and introduce them to your sales team. We match your filter sets to filter out dead-end leads and give you qualified results. This means that only people seeking help with their credit are handed over to your team.

We use the best filters and pre-qualification methods to bring you 100% contact rates.

Guaranteed Verified Credit Repair Leads
We use specified filters to bring you leads that are actively seeking your help. Every live transfer has been spoken to, verified, and has expressed direct interest in speaking with your team.
Custom Filters and Qualifications
Looking for something specific? We can implement custom filters to fine tune your results even more.
Enjoy a 100% Contact Rate
Since our credit repair live transfers are all pre-qualified and actively seeking your services, we have a 100% contact rate. We get you leads that are willing to talk and are actively seeking a phone call from your team.

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