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Investment advisors know first hand the worries people face over their financial futures. These concerns grow even more apparent as your leads get older, become more financially literate, and start looking to investment advisor business professionals for guidance. Iconic Results is dedicated to connecting qualified annuity leads to your business, allowing you to help people who need your services right now. Our aim is to increase the amount of premiums your agents are writing instead of flooding them with uninterested leads.

Your unique filters are used to pre-qualify and identify the best candidates for your business. Our agents will live transfer quality, pre-qualified annuity leads directly to your sales team, increasing conversion rates and decreasing your spend per lead.

Every business could all benefit from direct, pre-qualified connections. Iconic Results provides leads that help your business achieve impressive results every time.


Increase Your Company's Amount of Written Premiums

Our main focus is delivering quality leads that actively want what you have to offer. Every annuity lead we deliver is ready to work, meaning an easier conversion and more premiums written by your agents.

Iconic Results Qualifies Every Lead

We use specified filters to qualify leads based on the criteria you need most. Custom filters are also available to help tailor the experience to your business. This can be anything from customer age to available investment money. We work with you to figure out the best filters for your desired results.

Pre-Qualified Annuity Leads are the Best Option

Pre-qualified annuity leads give your team a huge boost when it comes to time spent prospecting. Our leads are 100% guaranteed interested in your services by the time they reach your agents.

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