Key Components To Convert An Email Landing Page

Key Components To Convert An Email Landing Page

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In order to create an email-landing page core components must be included within the email, this allows us to reach a higher conversion ratio. There are seven key fundamentals that should be included in the email-landing page: the headline, offers, a call to action, product presentation, confidence builder, descriptive copy, and the sign up process. A few of these details are optional because there are a variety of ways to develop the layout. An email-landing page requires at least the headline, offer and call to action. In addition to the content, design and layout have an equally important role in creating high conversions.

Hubspot’s 2012 Marketing Benchmark’s Report shows 55% of businesses have an upsurge in leads when they divide their marketing attempts and use each to respond to different landing pages. Simply by increasing the number of landing pages showed a rise in leads. According to Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Optimization Benchmarks Report layout has a key role in overall performance.

Breaking Down Key Components:


The title of any document is the basis for whether or not it catches the reader’s attention. The content is not as critical, statistics actually show on average only 8 out of 10 read just the headline and the remaining 2 look into the content. Essentially if the headline is compelling that is what determines how effective the article is in the consumer converting.

Descriptive Copy

An expansion of the headline that elaborates and is able to provide additional information in selling the product/service.


A discount on products or services that a company is able to offer its clients, for example, 0 Down, 2.0% APR, No Fees, $200 off, etc.

Call to Action

The version that allows prospects to take action on the offer available to them. This link will direct them to go the direction you want them to, it could range from signing up for a newsletter to requesting more information. For example, call to action buttons could say: Learn more, Click Here, Get Started, Contact Us, or Download Now.

Product Presentation

A visual image of the product/service being advertised through the email. It is vital to present the product because in this day in age consumer’s like to visualize themselves with that product or service.

Confidence Builder

Ensuring that the consumer has trust and confidence in your company and believes you will be able to provide them quality service. This comes from providing either a list of benefits, testimonials from previous clients, trust seals from companies such as the better business bureau will give the prospect a safe feeling doing business with your company.

Sign up Process

An optional element is a form that allows prospects to enter in contact information so that businesses may reach out to them.


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