Don’t Let Your Company Throw Away Its Future!

Don’t Let Your Company Throw Away Its Future!

Businesses that focus on online marketing, a preferred strategy used today, receive site visitors at anytime throughout the day. These potential clients use the websites call to action feature, whether it be a contact number, inquiry form or online messenger, to get in touch with the company. When viewers do this where does all this information go? Well, according to 53% of companies do not respond back to the viewers at all.

This is alarming, mainly because inbound leads have the highest conversion factor since it involves the client reaching out to you. Research shows that if a lead was contacted within the first 5 minutes, versus a half hour later, businesses have a higher chance of contacting the lead. In addition to that, the rate of closing that deal increases by 21%. There are multiple solutions to this problem, and in today’s economy no company can afford to ignore new clients. To start off email and IM leads can be saved within a CMS. The CMS must be checked daily and allows you to customize notifications and adjust the status of inbound leads. Adding a call trigger is a great way to alert you when a lead has been generated.

The call trigger is activated every time a viewer submits a form. Then the sales rep receives a call whisper alerting them with the leads name, number and other important information. Reaching out to them within that 5 minute window increases the chances of conversion. Depending on the category of conversion, obviously a content download would not require an immediate trigger, but in regards to a sales enquiry the trigger would be valuable.


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