How Companies’ Best Deal With Receiving Live Transfer Leads For Optimal ROI

How Companies’ Best Deal With Receiving Live Transfer Leads For Optimal ROI

Live transfer leads brings exclusive, actively interested buyers ready to purchase your product/service. You can be guaranteed that when you pick up that call you will have a live lead ready and all you will have to do is pitch your goods or services. How to best prepare for and close business from those leads is what many companies are grappling with. Let’s explore the best practices to help turn those phone calls into new business revenues.

Service the client promptly
The way you treat a first time walk in client is the same way you should attend to a live lead transfer. To achieve optimal results from this technique one must have the personnel, expertise and technology to receive those leads and sell. Answering clients’ questions, giving them information on the options they have and most importantly helping them make a choice should be standard practice.

It is important to have all facts and product knowledge at hand to avoid misleading the potential customer. Trust is at stake this early in the engagement and there may not be many opportunities to correct misrepresented facts later. This calls for deployment of cautious and accurate personnel to handle the live transfer leads.

Make follow ups
Follow ups have a direct and massive impact on sales and ROI. For as long as the deal has not been closed the live transfer lead is considered work in progress. Every lead must be tracked until the sale is closed since the prospect was motivated to buy and made the call themselves; just going to show that they are valid prospects ready to buy.

Drill down to the details
Since you have the prospect all to yourself and you’re not worried about if they have time for the call, it is imperative to take full advantage of this exclusive opportunity to impress and win them over.

For live transfer leads to be successful the customer should receive the help they needed and feel well advised on the product. On the other hand, the business should do its best to ensure the information being disseminated is accurate, up to date and very persuasive to ensure maximum return on investment.

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